You've invested in testing or monitoring solutions to help you understand and improve end user experiences. But you might not yet have the in-house expertise you need to make the most of them.

Fortunately, we have a team of experts on hand to make sure your business gets full value from your investment.

We can customize our offering to meet your precise requirement, but services tend to fall within one of the following categories:


Shorten your solution implementation and adoption learning curve with FastStart for Eggplant’s industry-leading Digital Automation Intelligence testing solution.

This service pairs expert technical consultants with your teams to integrate your test environment into your development or DevOps infrastructure. The aim is to get your test teams up and running as quickly as possible, with Eggplant’s technical consultants on-site to facilitate installation and training.

Managed Load Testing

Our managed load testing service combines our advanced load testing platform and reporting portal with expert advice and support.

We can deliver your testing project, providing expert advice and insight at every step, helping you to plan your performance tests and interpret the results.

  • Project support: We document and plan your load testing project, recording key milestones and communicating what needs to happen when. We capture changing requirements, highlighting risks and engaging with third-party suppliers as required.

  • Testing design and execution: We can take your pre-planning objectives and turn them into well-defined testing scenarios.

  • Results analysis and interpretation: We'll give you a guided tour of your results through an online interface, highlighting the most relevant findings.

  • APM integration: An application performance management (APM) tool can help you get more from your load testing, pinpointing the source of errors and slowdowns. We work with a range of APM tools and understand that different systems often need different solutions.

  • Formal report: We offer a final report at the end of your load testing project as a record of the entire project.

It was certainly worth our while doing the load testing and it definitely highlighted areas where we needed to make improvements. It was a very positive experience and has very much guided how we take things forward from this point. We would come back again.
— Project Manager, University

Managed Monitoring Insights

Managed Monitoring Insights allows you to use your monitoring service for more than an alerting. Our consultants will dive into the data, highlighting what they consider to be the big issues. They’ll trawl through the figures, looking for patterns, pinpointing irregularities, and identifying areas of concern or for improvement.

Years of experience mean they know just what to look for, and they’ll use their expertise to help you evaluate and improve your site’s performance over time.


Managed Real Customer Insights

Real Customer Insights tracks every visit to your website and captures performance metrics for virtually every visitor. If you don’t have the resources you need to get everything you want from your data, our web performance experts are ready to step in and help you with:

  • Training — get the skills you need to make the most of Real Customer Insights.

  • Reporting — regular insight into the most pressing performance issues.

  • Hypothesis testing — when you need Real Customer Insights for a specific project, we’ll analyze the data over a fixed period and give you a report at the end. For example, you might want to test the performance of different CDNs.


Managed Performance Analyzer

Performance Analyzer helps you understand your website’s performance from the end user’s perspective. Run ad hoc tests, scheduled tests or whole site crawls using real browsers. Our consultants can do a number of things to help you get the best value from Performance Analyzer, including:

  • Interpreting results to help you focus your performance optimization efforts where they’re most needed

  • Build custom reports, dashboards and scorecards, using the Performance Analyzer API.


Web Performance Review

We'll help you understand and transform your website’s performance, using our experience to pinpoint the techniques that will work best for you. Our advice is tailor-made to tell you what you really need to know about your site’s front-end performance.

We test on different devices and under different conditions to look for ways to get critical content to your customers faster.

You’ll get a full report, containing prioritized, actionable advice to help you deliver a better online experience, with recommendations geared towards delivering the maximum benefit for the minimum investment in time and resources.

The report we received was fantastic. It was written at the right level, well-structured, easy to follow and we gained some valuable actions from it.
— Ecommerce Manager, Retail

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