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Performance is User Experience

Often ignored by QA teams, performance testing is having a moment. It used to just be about page speed and load times. Now, it’s about the user experience (UX) — a critical factor in promoting user adoption, user retention, and revenue generation.

User engagement is a challenge on mobile. Recent data by Localytics shows that “80 percent of all app users churn within 90 days.” According to Google data, 53 percent of mobile users abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. While these stats reflect the B2C space, user engagement in the B2B space (and within your company) is just as important if you want to succeed.

IoT impacts performance testing, too. IoT systems are bigger than traditional systems in terms of the number of users and the data being produced. IoT systems tend to operate in an environment with far more real-time constraints (think live traffic-routing apps and assembly line systems). And, of course, users expect an instant response.

Clearly, testing responsiveness (time to render and time to interaction) from the user perspective matters a lot, but current performance testing approaches are fundamentally flawed.

  • A server-centric approach can’t detect a huge percentage of performance issues. And for those that it can detect, it can’t pinpoint the actual impact on the user.

  • A typical GUI test automation tool works entirely at the code level and can prove that an object exists, but can’t tell you if a user can see and interact with it.

It’s time for a new approach to ensure your performance testers have the biggest impact on the UX.

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Do Performance Testing Right

Our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite embodies a new approach to testing. One that really measures time to render and time to interaction through the eyes of the user, not at the code level. One that includes the end-to-end flow to detect all performance issues, regardless of the root cause. One that can simulate multi-user loads and different network conditions.

Use Eggplant Performance to execute performance and load tests that realistically simulate the full range of application testing types and technologies. You gain extensive, real-time information to help you closely examine and accurately report on the performance of your system from the user perspective.

Use Eggplant Functional to conduct powerful, comprehensive, realistic tests of mobile, web apps, and more. Instead of testing and hooking into the code, the software takes an image-based approach to interact with the system under test through the UI — just like a user would.

Use Eggplant Network to easily test your mobile or browser application under different network conditions to ensure it delivers an excellent user experience. Sitting between the test application and the network, Eggplant Network integrates seamlessly with Eggplant Functional and Eggplant Performance to help you increase your testing accuracy and effectiveness.

Eggplant provides the best overall mix of capabilities from an end-to-end test perspective.
— Andrew Hodgson, Head of BT Consumer E2E Test

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.