15x Return on Investment With Eggplant Functional Test Automation

Since implementing Eggplant Functional, Banco Sabadell has achieved a significant return on its investment in the solution.

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Banco Sabadell is the fourth-largest banking group funded by private Spanish capital. It includes several banks, brands, subsidiary and holding companies spanning the whole range of financial business. Specialising in commercial banking, it has a significant penetration in the company and a medium and high-level private customer market. It has a network of 2,418 offices employing a total of 18,077 staff.

The key IT systems at Banco Sabadell include its internal banking systems, online banking, and mobile banking. Prior to 2014, the bank’s QA division had adopted manual testing processes for developments across all its systems. Previous test automation initiatives had not been successful, but in 2014 the bank decided to look at it again.

“We developed a proof-of-concept project for provision of test automation capabilities across internal, online, and mobile banking systems and evaluated the solutions of three leading test automation vendors,” said Graham Moran, independent QA consultant at Banco Sabadell.
“Eggplant stood out because it is technology agnostic and uses image and text information, whereas the other solutions we evaluated were both object and technology dependent,” said Moran. “In addition, the intuitive nature of Eggplant and its ease of use, as well as the speed with which we would be able to demonstrate results were significant factors in its favour.”

The bank’s QA team looked at solutions including Unified Functional Testing (UFT) from HP, Squish from Froglogic and Eggplant Functional from Eggplant. 


With its patented, image-based approach to GUI testing that allows it to interact with any device or application in the same way a user does, by looking at the screen, Eggplant Functional uses sophisticated image and text search algorithms to locate objects on the screen in a completely technology agnostic manner and then drive the device. 

Following the proof of concept, Banco Sabadell chose Eggplant Functional as the testing solution to support its automation initiative.


Phase 1 of the automation project focused on the bank’s mobile banking application, closely followed by Phase 2, which encompassed both the online and internal banking systems, and Phase 3, which included additional internal systems.

“The experience of implementing Eggplant was very positive, and also very fast — within two to three weeks we had set things up to begin actual testing, including having an internal resource fully trained on the tool,” said Moran. “Eggplant have been very supportive every step of the way, providing excellent training and rapid responses to questions.”

Six months after the project started, Banco Sabadell has been able to automate 80 percent of testing on its mobile application across Android and iOS phones and tablets, and 40 percent of tests on the internal banking and online banking systems, with one staff member assigned to each project.

“Thanks to its ease of use we have been able to quickly grow our use of Eggplant,” said Moran. “We have found it easy to train people internally and this has led to a very quick adoption of the solution across the organization. In addition, using the Eggplant app to allow Eggplant to connect into the mobile application without requiring us to change any code has been a great experience.”

eggOn is the mobile agent that enables Eggplant Functional to fully test mobile apps on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices. 

Since implementing Eggplant Functional, Banco Sabadell has achieved a significant return on its investment in the tool. The bank expects that the money saved through test automation in 2015 will equate to at least 15 times the company’s spend on purchasing and implementing Eggplant.

“And that only assumes we continue to run the same level of automation that we have at the start of the year,” added Moran.

After achieving such positive results, the bank plans to continue to expand test automation across the organization.

“We will be rolling out Eggplant to cover more systems — both increasing the percentages for the systems it is already used on, as well as applying it in new projects,” said Moran. “Thanks to Eggplant, I’m glad to say that test automation is on the rise at Banco Sabadell!”