Fintech Giant Achieves 10x Productivity Boost With Eggplant Functional

Automates testing of iOS and Android developments to free up tester time for higher-value activities.

Our client is one of the world’s largest global providers dedicated to financial technology solutions. Its mobile applications division provides award-winning mobile banking and payment solutions that meet the challenges of the ever-changing mobile commerce environment. From mobile banking and ATM services to mobile wallet and point-of-sale technologies, our client offers the strategic vision to keep banks competitive both now and in the future.

Test automation challenges

In 2012, the company adopted SOASTA as its test automation platform, but ran into several key issues. First and foremost, SOASTA’s object-based approach to testing was not well-suited to the highly variable nature of object identifiers in mobile banking applications. Every object that appeared on screen was assigned a new object identifier behind the scenes on each build, meaning that test scripts were never consistent and constantly had to be updated to account for the changes.

The SOASTA-based approach also required extensive instrumentation of the application under test. For a security-sensitive sector like banking, this is simply not acceptable, and also made conducting end-to-end testing almost impossible.

In addition, SOASTA was not easy to use, requiring an intermediate level of developer knowledge for creation of anything beyond the most basic of test scripts. As a result, during the period that it used SOASTA, the fintech firm never reached a point where it fully trusted its automated testing program, so all testing was also conducted manually. This resulted in significant duplication of effort and was clearly an unsustainable approach from a resource perspective.


Eggplant delivers

In 2015, our client started using Eggplant Functional for test automation across iOS and Android developments. Eggplant Functional helps companies test their applications better, faster, and with less effort by automating the execution of functional testing.

A key factor in the decision to adopt Eggplant was its patented, image-based approach to GUI testing that allows it to interact with any device by looking at the screen, in the same way a user does. This approach to testing meant that the challenges our client experienced with using an object-based approach were completely resolved, ensuring consistency of test scripts from build to build, regardless of changes to object identifiers.

The technology agnostic, non-intrusive nature of Eggplant Functional also meant that the company didn’t have to apply any instrumentation, ensuring it could conduct complete end-to-end testing across iOS and Android — even including integrations with mainframe applications using legacy programming languages like Fortran. This kind of capability is unique in the software testing sector, and makes Eggplant very relevant for high-security applications, such as those in banking and defense.


Powering productivity

Following a smooth and successful implementation, where Eggplant's dedicated support team provided extensive, dedicated support, our client was quickly brought up to speed with Eggplant Functional.

Combined with Eggplant's renowned ease of use, its broader capabilities have allowed the company to automate significant parts of its regression testing requirements. Following improvements to its development framework, the company has dramatically increased its test team’s productivity, growing from just one full workflow test every two days to five tests per day — a 10x improvement.

In addition, our client also uses Groovy to generate JSON formatted data that is fed into Eggplant Functional for test run planning. A web interface lets the company’s business analysts choose which set of tests they want to run against what device and what app. The increased productivity achieved through Eggplant has enabled the manual testing team to focus on higher value activities such as shortening time to market, improving product robustness and increasing overall quality.


Future plans

Our client is currently exploring the possibility of productizing sets of Eggplant scripts that can be shared with its financial institution customers to allow them to test their own systems to ensure their systems are correctly set up to receive the latest updates and upgrades from its mobile applications division.