Banking Giant Powers Test Automation in DevOps With Eggplant Suite

Global financial services company expands Eggplant automation across all digital channels.



Our client is a leading global financial services company with approximately 200 million customer accounts — doing business in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions. The bank provides consumers, corporations, governments, and institutions with a broad range of financial products and services, including consumer banking and credit, corporate and investment banking, securities brokerage, transaction services, and wealth management. Eggplant products have been used for several years by our client’s private banking division, and have helped it improve time-to-render stats by over 80 percent for its mobile and web-based banking applications.

Expanding Eggplant

Impressed by the success of Eggplant in its private banking arm, the bank’s Digital Channels division has now adopted the testing suite to conduct testing of websites and applications across its entire North American business banking segment. The bank had experienced challenges with using a combination of UFT and Perfecto Mobile for this function, and wanted to adopt an approach that was both technology and platform agnostic, and therefore future-proof.

The Eggplant product suite is composed of of easy-to-use software test automation solutions that help companies deliver high-quality enterprise and mobile applications quickly and consistently. Eggplant’s patented, image-based approach to functional testing allows its customers to test their applications completely agnostically and from a true user perspective.

In addition to its agnostic testing capabilities, the bank chose Eggplant for its stronger feature set, providing greater productivity improvements, faster time to market, and better quality results than offerings from SeeTest, UFT, and ZapTest. Our client was also attracted by Eggplant’s ability to integrate with Agile Requirements Designer (CA Agile Requirements Designer), a software quality tool from CA Technologies that is extensively used by the bank.

The key digital elements being tested using Eggplant include the bank’s personal banking and credit card websites, its mobile banking app, and validation of transaction dates and amounts for its branded retail credit cards. Our client’s banking and credit card web sites are built on a responsive web design platform for use across mobile, desktop, and tablet. A key factor in the bank’s decision to choose Eggplant Functional was its ability to test responsive web design — the solution’s technology-agnostic approach to testing allows it to handle the unpredictability of device screen size with ease.

By adopting Eggplant solutions, the bank anticipates it will be able to effectively create a test case four times faster than it can today. For example, by utilizing Eggplant Functional’s optical character recognition feature, the test team can now create scripts from a mock-up of a user interface, and then execute the scripts against the current application being tested.

In addition to future-proofing its testing capabilities, the key goals of the Eggplant rollout are to increase the overall test automation coverage and to drive extended efficiencies across the organization.

Testing Challenges in DevOps

The bank uses a DevOps methodology to achieve continuous delivery, which means the organization doesn’t have to hold back new features while other work is completed, and can update its websites and apps much more frequently. Using DevOps also helps the bank avoid situations where applications work as expected in development, but experience issues when they go live. 

Testing in a DevOps environment can present challenges. A DevOps approach essentially automates the software delivery pipeline, meaning that one click can start a process encompassing code submission, software building, creation of install packages, copying files, updating databases, changing networks, installing new versions, and so on. But this process also needs to incorporate testing — and those tests must be automated.

“DevOps is all about achieving high-quality continuous delivery, and that requires effective test automation delivered in-sprint,” said Antony Edwards, CTO, Eggplant. “Our client needs automated tests that can be created quickly, are robust, and really test the user experience. Eggplant is ideal for this since it can automate anything, provides a user perspective, works well in agile environments, and is fast enough to allow new automated tests to come along with the new code — so when you submit a new feature to the product you can already have automated tests of new features there too.”
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