GittiGidiyor Goes Shopping for Eggplant

Eggplant’s cross-platform testing capabilities prove vital for eBay subsidiary.



GittiGidiyor, a subsidiary of eBay, is a Turkish e-shopping mall that offers a wide variety of products, similar to the main eBay website.


The company provides services to its users across various
different platforms. Due to its multiplatform environment
and the full integration between its systems, GittiGidiyor
frequently conducts regression testing — even for small
changes. In order to maximise the use of human resources
and conduct more efficient regression testing, the
company decided to look for a test automation tool that
could support its requirements.

GittiGidiyor soon selected Eggplant Functional as its
automation tool of choice.


“Before making our decision, we conducted
proof-of-concept work with a few companies,
including Eggplant," said Mrs. Ayfer Esen,
Quality Assurance Supervisor. “We selected
Eggplant Functional because it was user-friendly,
supported all our platforms and also
because of Eggplant’s fast response time and
high-quality support services.”

With its patented, image-based approach to GUI testing
that allows it to interact with any device or application in the
same way a user does, by looking at the screen, Eggplant
Functional uses sophisticated image and text search
algorithms to locate objects on the screen in a completely
technology-agnostic manner and then drive the device.

Eggplant's mobile agent enables Eggplant
Functional to fully test mobile apps on iOS, Android,
Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices.
Platforms GittiGidiyor needed to test included: web,
iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet and its mobile

“The most important thing for us was to be
able to support all of our platforms,” said
Esen. “We run the script for our site daily.
Image collections mean that a single script
can test all platforms.”

For GittiGidiyor, technology is developing rapidly and the
mobile devices and mobile platforms it needs to test are
rapidly changing.

“Thankfully Eggplant is easily able to rapidly
adapt to changing platforms,” said Esen.

Since using Eggplant, GittiGidiyor has quickly achieved
significant time and effort saving benefits.

“With Eggplant, we have quickly maximized
our test capacity and saved significant time
and effort by reducing manual testing in our
testing department,” said Esen. “Previously,
testing would take about two days for each
platform, but can now be completed in just
two or three hours for each platform using

“This has, of course, allowed us to gain back
a lot of time and our testing capacity has
increased significantly.”