In addition to continuous testing within a traditional or DevOps world, teams need specific test cases that capture the scale and behavior of large enterprise deployments. For example, global betting and telecom companies need to consider full-scale testing that simulates transactions and user journeys during massively popular events like the Super Bowl in the U.S. or the Grand National in the UK. One customer who used Eggplant during the latter event said, “Ultimately, the testing load we generated using Eggplant Performance was more than the peak transactions compared to some of the world’s busiest stock exchanges.”

The image-recognition-based approach of Eggplant solutions are ideal for industries with rich, interactive or non-standard displays — especially because these systems (like CAD, GIS, and automotive) tend to require a lot of manual testing and are often non-trivial to navigate.

Eggplant Enterprise
We found that by using Eggplant we were able to After 12 weeks, the testing time compared to manual testing was reduced from 84.5 hours to 14.25 hours — a time savings of more than 80%.

Case Studies


Car Head Unit Accelerator →

An Eggplant AI accelerator, containing both the model and a skeleton of a relevant Eggplant Functional suite, to model a car head unit and its operation of its features, including a phone interface and SatNav application.

Mobile Engineer Network Scenario →

An Eggplant Network Scenario that emulates the path of a mobile engineer as they leave the office and drive to (and then from) a remote location.