Market leaders and household names in the financial industry rely on Eggplant solutions to test web-based applications and mobile technologies—areas that have grown dramatically since the increase of customer demand for secure, functional, remote finance application options. By using Eggplant's automated, platform-agnostic, GUI testing capabilities, financial services organizations can successfully meet users’ insatiable demand for mobile interaction.

Customers in the financial industry prefer Eggplant because of capabilities including:

GUI test automation and search-and-compare functionality. Eggplant's black-box design enables companies and testing professionals to test across multiple browsers and operating systems, while remaining technologically agnostic.

Mobile testing. As the importance of mobile testing continues to increase, Eggplant provides an easy-to-use, non-invasive approach for testing professionals and QA analysts looking to complete regression testing in a load tested environment across different mobile devices.

Testing within a firewall. Mobile financial applications contain high-level, sensitive information. By testing within company firewalls, Eggplant allows mobile application testing to remain in-house, improving efficiency, while minimizing time and money spent.

Two-factor authentication. The human-focused approach to testing enables you to include two-factor authentication systems within any test. Because the system sees through the eyes of the user, you can immediately read any codes derived from outside the mobile app or website (such as from an SMS message) when they appear on screen, and use them to complete testing with the app. This includes support for contemporary, biometric authentication techniques such as fingerprint ID and Face ID.

Financial Services
Eggplant Financial Services
We found that by using Eggplant we were able to After 12 weeks, the testing time compared to manual testing was reduced from 84.5 hours to 14.25 hours — a time savings of more than 80%.

Case Studies


Digital Finance Accelerator →

Focused on digital banking websites, this accelerator tests a number of aspects, from logging in to making payments.

Personal Banking Accelerator →

An Eggplant AI accelerator, containing both the model and a skeleton of a relevant Eggplant Functional suite, to model a personal banking website or mobile application.

The intuitive nature of Eggplant and its ease of use, as well as the speed with which we would be able to demonstrate results were significant factors in its favour.