Hospital IT systems are orchestrated around electronic medical records (EMR) systems that provide an all-inclusive, HIPAA-compliant package with a streamlined workflow and user-friendly interfaces. The system is vital to running the hospital, and any changes, updates, or new workflows must be rigorously tested before being implemented. Updates and changes are released regularly, sometimes every one or two days, and new workflows often need to be created and implemented across the organization.

Up to 90 percent of a hospital's IT department budget can be spent on projects that are linked to EMR systems. And a significant part of that cost involves reducing the time it takes to modify and execute tests to ensure any changes are error-free. So, naturally, systems that can help hospitals shrink that cost are very attractive. Hospitals making the shift to Eggplant solutions share common primary goals: reduce test time and to free up valuable resources.

Eggplant Healthcare
When manually populating the various test environments with test patients, it could take up to 10 minutes to create a single new patient registration, but with Eggplant the same task is completed in just 1.5 minutes.
Regression testing currently consumes significant manual testing hours, which will only increase as we move into the next phases of the EMR system deployment. Using Eggplant Functional to support our regression testing requirements will ensure that we save time and resources and provide service assurance for critical parts of the hospital’s business.

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A patient’s electronic health record (EHR)/electronic medical record (EMR) includes past medical history, vital signs, diagnoses, medications, lab data, insurance and demographic information.

Healthcare companies are fully embracing technology and many patients are on board. This shift to a digital-centric healthcare environment highlights the criticality of effective software testing. Any errors in areas like clinical support systems, digital imaging (PACS), EHR/EMR management, and hospital practice administration can have serious implications.

This accelerator includes comprehensive documentation and an Eggplant Functional Suite that will test various aspects of EMR systems.