Understand and realize the business benefits of a fast, reliable website.

A faster website increases engagement and delivers more revenue. It means higher order values, better conversion rates and stronger brand loyalty.

In short, the faster your website, the better your business will do.

Customer Experience Insights brings together a suite of solutions to help you make it happen. They will enable you to:

Partner with Eggplant, and we'll take you on a journey towards meeting and beating your KPIs through better, faster online experiences.

What we deliver


Real Customer Insights will show you how your website’s speed impacts your commercial KPIs. This gives you the business case for improving performance.


Performance Impact Prediction in Real User Monitoring shows you how changes in website speed would affect business KPIs


Monitoring Insights and Performance Analyzer enable you to pinpoint the main bottlenecks impacting customer experience. 


Performance Analyzer will reveal key bottlenecks, including how third-party content is impacting performance

We can help you through the process, identifying the changes that will deliver the biggest improvements in conversion and revenue for the minimum investment in time and resources.


Once you’ve made improvements, Real Customer Insights and Monitoring Insights will tell you everything you need to know about their impact on your website’s speed and user behavior. This is crucial because it takes the guesswork out of performance optimization. You won’t just believe more users are converting because they’re getting a better experience. You will know. 

But you don’t need to stop there. 

When it comes to Customer Experience Insights, repeatability is key. 

And when you’ve gone through the process once, you’ll find it gets easier and easier, delivering bigger and better wins with each iteration. 

With Eggplant’s help, we’re uncovering and fixing the things that are slowing down our website. And having a faster website is already making a positive impact on our business, with better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. I can highly recommend Eggplant’s products and expertise.
— Jemima Ferguson, Head of Customer Marketing and Ecommerce, COOK

Help where you need it

For a fast, reliable online presence, you need to bring all these elements together. But where we come in is up to you. We can manage the whole journey. Or we can fill in the gaps with targeted, incremental improvements in performance or in process.

Either way, we’ll help you gain control of your online performance at all times for all your users.

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Your personal demo will include:

  • Real Customer Insights to tell you how your site's speed affects conversion.
  • How to build the business case for a faster website.
  • Reliable web performance monitoring and alerting.
  • Visualizations and analysis to help you understand the experience that your site delivers.

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