Create Amazing Digital Experiences

At Eggplant, our mission is to empower our customers to create amazing digital experiences that delight users and drive business success. In 2017, we introduced our Digital Automation Intelligence approach and suite to put the user back at the center of testing. Digital Automation Intelligence is designed to test the true user experience (UX) using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and analytics to predict business and user impacts across different interfaces, platforms, and devices.

With our recent acquisition of NCC Group's Web Performance division, we're taking this vision a step further by adding Customer Experience Insights — synthetic monitoring, real customer insights, performance analysis, load testing, and analytics products on a hosted platform — to the Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite. The result? Customer experience optimization (CXO): A powerful offering that enables integrated, AI-driven, continuous testing and monitoring against critical business objectives.

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Introducing CXO

CXO brings together customer experience monitoring, customer experience testing, AI, and analytics to continually improve business outcomes.

Digital Automation Intelligence

Digital Automation Intelligence is about continuously testing the full, end-to-end UX. The brain behind our suite, Eggplant AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to help teams intelligently navigate applications, predict where quality issues are most likely to pop up, and correlate data to quickly identify and resolve issues. Analytics provides key UX, performance, and functionality metrics to help you determine whether releasing right now would positively or negatively impact your app rating.

Customer Experience Insights

Customer Experience Insights is about helping organizations increase revenue and conversions through faster, web-based apps. Real Customer Insights tracks actual activity against positive business outcomes, such as basket conversion in retail, successful target strikes in defense, completed transactions in telecom. Monitoring Insights observes the technical behavior of software in production. Applying data science to the resulting, combined information helps identify changes to your site that can result in a higher NPS, happier customers, and revenue growth.


Simply put, CXO combines Digital Automation Intelligence and Customer Experience Insights to help you focus testing on what really matters to your users and your business. With CXO, you can release apps faster than ever and test in production to identify live problems. Use analytics to predict issues about to happen and recommend fixes. Understand the relationship between technology and user behavior — and the impact of site performance on your UX and your top line.


Any platform. Any browser. Any software.