The Best Digital Experience Wins

In the highly competitive financial services industry, companies’ online and mobile interactions with customers are make-it or break-it experiences. Users expect a delightful digital experience that builds in flexibility and resilience in the face of mobility and changing device and network connectivity, as well as a reassuring level of security. Usually, the best digital experience wins.

Digital Transformation 

Challenger banks with more nimble and less expensive operating models are disrupting the industry — and in the next 5 years, could steal an estimated 35 percent of market share from traditional banks. To compete effectively, financial services companies are undergoing digital transformations to upgrade to modern testing techniques and incorporate digital initiatives like person-to-person payments, mobile wallets, and omni channel banking. All of which require significant investments in terms of money and effort.

App and ATM Testing

Developing and testing digital apps in the finance industry is complex, thanks in large part to continuous demand for innovative features in a backdrop of ever-evolving regulations, and the testing required for complicated technologies in highly secure and constrained environments. All of this takes place in a DevOps world where teams need continuous tester support to regularly roll out new app releases. And don’t forget about sophisticated and diverse IT systems — like customer-facing services delivered via browsers and secure mobile apps, and essential back-office systems.

There just isn’t enough time to manually test apps anymore, and it typically takes longer for open-source solutions to be compatible with new technology. Institutions need more automation to keep testing at the pace of DevOps and market demand. Gone are the days of simply ensuring the code works to specification. Now, you have to ensure your apps delight customers.


Case Studies


We know what you're up against

Why is Eggplant the best solution for for Defense and Aerospace?

Eggplant is non-invasive which is mandatory for defense software. No modification of the system-under-test is required for full test control.

Eggplant's approach works naturally with GIS and other image rich defense applications. This natural approach also means that existing teams can easily use Eggplant; no need to train-up new “automation testers” in your product.

Eggplant works with any technology. Eggplant provides technology agnostic GUI test automation through its patented approach. This means that one script will run across all your existing platforms from mobile to mainframe. It also means that if you change your platform strategy, you won’t have to re-create all your tests. Eggplant Performance supports network technologies from Citrix and web to TCP/UDP socket level and covering Java and .NET APIs.

Eggplant has open APIs to allow for easy integration with many other solutions, from IBM Rational Quality Manager to Jenkins.


Controlling costs

Defense and aerospace companies are under the same pressures as other industries to cut testing costs. How are your teams using test automation to test faster, effectively, and efficiently to ensure quality and on-time delivery?


Technology compatibility

Your legacy infrastructures need to be compatible with modern systems. That’s not something that typical test tools can test. Can your test teams handle the mix of standards-based, proprietary, custom, popular — IBM Rational Doors, Git, Jenkins, IBM RQM, JIRA — and new, emerging technology?


Testing dynamic GUIs

GIS mapping, C2 systems, and air traffic control systems rely on dynamic GUIs to provide critical information to users. Traditional testing tools really only work with text boxes, labels, buttons, and tabs, which aren’t effective for testing a plane on a radar screen. Can you test graphic displays quickly and effectively to ensure they perform as expected?


Resource challenges

The majority of testers in aerospace and defense are invaluable product experts, and in many cases, hard to replace. How will you empower your teams — especially those with varying skill levels — to test productively and efficiently?


Manage Your Aerospace and Defense Testing Challenges With Eggplant Solutions

Our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite is the de facto standard for testing in aerospace and defense because it enables end-to-end test automation to help you meet the industry’s unique demand for product quality, reliability, and robustness. Rest assured that when you test a piece of equipment with Eggplant solutions and it passes, it will work in the field with 100-percent assurance.


Incorporate scriptless testing

Play to the strengths of your teams with scriptless test creation and record and playback features that offer a different automation approach, while preserving your manual workflow.


Test effectively with non-invasive solutions

Gain full test control without modifying your SUT. Validate anything from GIS applications to flight management systems to highly customized C2 systems.


Future-proof your testing

Test any technology using technology-independent UI automation testing that’s ideal to test rich, interactive GUIs and non-standard equipment. Eggplant solutions also work with IBM Rational Doors.


Test the true user experience

Drive true user interactions through any application, environment, or device to ensure your application performs correctly and reliably in all conditions.

The non-invasive working of Eggplant was key to us,
we can test without having to implement any software on servers or any of our systems, which makes it an invaluable feature.
— Stuart J. Watson, Senior systems engineer, asset infrastructure engineering

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.