Just 10 years ago, the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world relied on less than three million lines of code. Today, the F-35 runs eight million lines of code. Systems including weapons, command and control, spacecraft, communications, and RADAR are all running millions more lines of code. Today, it’s software — not hardware — that defines and delivers competitive advantage.  

8 reasons why aerospace and defense companies use Eggplant for test automation 


Non Invasive

Eggplant is the only tool that is completely non-invasive – ZERO impact to system under test; nothing loaded on the SUT.


DoD Mandated

For the first time ever, DoD is mandating Agile methodology for all defence software. Read Defence Science Board paper which features Eggplant in appendix E “Source Selection Recommendations” under Test Automation.



100% Agnostic to device, language, and application architecture: Native, Rich Client, Client Server, Mainframe, Embedded.


Highest level of interoperability

Interoperability with most common tool chains including Selenium, Junit, UFT tests and most DevOps tool sets and industry standard protocols.



Image recognition, pixel pattern mapping, OCR means our testing is not as fragile as some competitors. Location, resolution, screen size/orientation does not negatively impact our tests. 



Testing through the eyes of the user means that our tests can ‘see’ and ‘do’ what the user can. 



Our recording technology coupled with SenseTalk means that non-developer end-users can author tests themselves and create user journeys based on their needs and not just requirement driven ‘happy paths’.


The only 100% black box, non-invasive tool that combines the ability to test all languages, architectures and devices with both script and model based engines to assist with test creation based on priority (Suggestion Engine), Coverage, and Bug Hunting (Automated Exploratory).


Featured resources

Webinar recording: Software QA Challenges in Aerospace and Defense

There’s a lot on the line when it comes to software testing in aerospace and defense. 

Whether designing software to explore other galaxies, for military or commercial aircraft, for geographical information systems (GIS) mapping, or for C2 systems, companies and contractors are held to higher expectations and standards for accuracy, quality, reliability, and delivery.  

It’s not unheard of for software testing to consume a big chunk of total product development costs across large, multiyear projects with ambitious contract delivery dates. We get it, and we can help. Join Dr. John Bates, CEO of Eggplant, as he kicks off a two-part webinar series that elaborates on the specific challenges when testing in aerospace and defense, and how Eggplant can consistently enable successful mission outcomes.

Eggplant A&D Webinar Series 2: Applying Automation Intelligence

Eggplant's Aerospace and Defence webinar series returns to explain how leveraging it's DAI solution can ensure software QA teams move away from simple code compliance, and into ensuring operator safety. 

Join our webinar to learn about the specific challenges when testing in Defense and Aerospace, and how Eggplant can consistently enable successful mission outcomes.


Case Studies 

Software Verification Of Orion Cockpit Displays


Successful Automation Of Acceptance Testing At Air Traffic Controller


The non-invasive working of Eggplant was key to us,
we can test without having to implement any software on servers or any of our systems, which makes it an invaluable feature.
— Stuart J. Watson, Senior systems engineer, asset infrastructure engineering

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.