Digital Automation Intelligence is a revolutionary automated software testing approach and product suite that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to predict business and user impacts across different interfaces, platforms, and devices. 

This month, Eggplant has launched its Personal Edition of the Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI) Suite to help teams in their first steps to assisted automation with enhanced user experience verification. Even if you're just starting automation testing, learn how DAI can:

  • Transform testing from a compliance function to a profit center.
  • Shrink time to market by testing new versions, fast.
  • Accelerate productivity by scaling test coverage without blowing your budget.
  • Keep up with the pace and evolution of DevOps.


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Eggplant AI

Using enhanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics capabilities, Eggplant AI helps teams intelligently navigate applications, predict where quality issues are most likely to pop up, and correlate data to quickly identify and resolve issues.


Eggplant Functional

Part of the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, Eggplant Functional is the only test automation solution that dynamically tests the single source of truth for the user experience: the UI. Instead of hooking into the code, the software tests from the user perspective through intelligent image and text understanding, API automation, and WebDriver object automation — all within a single test.


Eggplant Automation Cloud

Eggplant Automation Cloud helps you easily set up and manage a centralized test lab of real devices that your automation and manual testers can connect to from anywhere.

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Eggplant Manager

Eggplant Manager orchestrates your test execution process. Use it to set up continuous integration, and test quickly and reliably.