The brain of the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, Eggplant AI automatically generates test cases and optimizes test execution to find defects and maximize coverage of user journeys.

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Test effectively within the shrinking test windows associated with continuous delivery.

  • Automate test-case creation and reduce scripting effort by more than 90 percent. 
  • Analyze failure patterns across test runs and refine tests to actually find defects.
  • Execute in parallel to run thousands of continuous tests.
  • Take advantage of clear separation between the model and the detail of the UI for a more robust, reusable model.
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Better coverage

Address the UX gap: Increase coverage by more than 10 times without any additional effort.

  • Test the full range of potential user journeys, not just a few, common happy paths.
  • Define explicit test paths for manually defined regression tests and advanced, artificial-intelligence-based exploratory tests from the same model.
  • Model users’ data choices (as well as their navigation) with test-data-generation capabilities that add orders of magnitude of additional test coverage from the same, single model.
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Fast time to value

Realize benefits within hours, thanks to an incremental modeling approach.

  • Learn quickly via a visual approach that’s incredibly intuitive.
  • Use enhanced machine learning algorithms to identify defect patterns and auto-generate tests for those user journeys.

CTO, Antony Edwards talks about the value that customers find in Eggplant AI.

Eggplant provides the best overall mix of capabilities from an end-to-end test perspective.
— Andrew Hodgson, Head of BT Consumer E2E Test

Eggplant AI


Do UX testing from the true user perspective

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Create reliable, functional tests quickly

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Use a single test script for multiple-device scenarios

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Test any technology on any platform

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Integrate with popular ALM tools

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.