Eggplant Essentials — May 2018

May was full of excitement at Eggplant. In case you missed anything, here's what you need to know.


Amp Up OSS Security With These Steps. Eggplant CTO Antony Edwards talks to Tech Target about the OSS mistakes that enterprises make. 

How to Breed Unicorns: Lessons in Success From Silicon Valley. Eggplant CEO Dr. John Bates discusses why Silicon Valley is dominating tech and how the UK can get its mojo back. 

Why Securing Containers and Microservices is a Challenge. Eggplant CTO Antony Edwards joins other experts to weigh in on tackling security challenges in the container environment. 

Eggplant AI Deepens AI Test Automation Capabilities. Learn how our latest Digital Automation Intelligence Suite enhancements further perfect the ability to blend human expertise with AI-powered insights to optimize testing. 

NTT DOCOMO Selects Eggplant to Provide 24/7 Service Monitoring. Read why Japanese telecom giant NTT DOCOMO chose Eggplant to support its automated service monitoring system for internet services. 

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Performance Matters. Join us on June 7 in London at our annual web performance conference. You'll hear from world-leading web performance experts about how to improve online experiences. 

You'll also find us at Better Software West (booth 18), German Testing Day, and NHS Healthcare Strategy Forum.  

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Digital Performance Management. Your website's speed and performance is critical to ensuring fast and amazing digital experiences for your users. Join our webinar on June 8 to learn how Digital Performance Management can help you generate higher order values, better conversion rates, and more revenue. Register now

Shift Up: How AI, Cognitive Computing, and Emotional Intelligence is Transforming QA. Recently, we held an engaging webinar about a concept we call shift up, a way to incorporate shift left and shift right, while aligning with business outcomes and focusing on how your customers use your technology. Michael Giacometti, director of technical services, Eggplant Americas, presents what's involved in a shift-up approach, and the benefits it provides to your organization. Watch the recording

Eggplant Product Roadmap Highlights. In this webinar, Eggplant CTO Antony Edwards presents the vision behind Digital Automation Intelligence, a unique, modern testing approach designed to help organizations create amazing digital experiences that drive business success. He also highlights key, upcoming features in our product roadmap that are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics. Watch the recording


Shift Up: Out of One Tool, Many. With AI and machine learning supercharging humans, automated testing tools, test data management tools, and platforms like JIRA need to integrate with your AI testing engine — the one tool out of which many supporting tools will be leveraged.  

Don't Test the Code, Test the Business. Users demand to be delighted with ever-higher UX levels. If you make a mistake, you could lose the user forever. Simply put, your app is your business. So really, you need to test your app to ensure it will meet and exceed your business goal — and monitor it to ensure you stay there. 

How Much Collaboration is Too Much? What's the best way for Dev and QA to work together? It's something our dev and test professionals debate all the time. In this blog, they discuss collaboration during the release cycle, becoming more efficient, and finding the sweet spot around timing for the Dev-to-QA handoff. 

A Babel Fish for Testing. Those of you familiar with “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” will remember the Babel Fish that you stick in your ear to provide a universal translator. We need that same kind of universal translator in QA to take the concept of testing user journeys in a particular application and translate it across the matrix of complexity on which modern applications are built. 


Eggplant partners are differentiating themselves in their respective markets by adopting our vision of aligning QA to positive business outcomes. At the end of May, we held an in-person, lunch-and-learn event in Bangalore, India, for companies including BT, Delta Airlines, Infosys, Qualitest, and TCS. Alliance Partners TCS, CGI, and Cigniti received valuable training in Eggplant Functional and Eggplant AI. Initial feedback on the event includes excitement about using the Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite to create new solution offerings in banking, retail, and telecom.  

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