Eggplant Essentials — April 2018

April kept us busy at Eggplant (formerly Testplant). In case you missed anything, here's what you need to know.


Eggplant Performance v8.0 is here. 

Our latest release complements open source software by including support for JMeter. So, you can use the power of Eggplant Performance with your existing JMeter assets, as well as use our test controller and analyzer technology for better runtime test visibility and improved analysis and reporting capabilities (than compared to JMeter alone). With version 8.0, you can also:

  • Easily test RESTful services with OpenAPI support. If you’ve used OpenAPI to describe your service, then creating load testing scripts is simple.
  • Clearly see if your tests are achieving their objectives while the test is still in progress. Our new, real-time KPIs dramatically shorten the feedback loop between testing and results analysis.
  • Freely test Citrix StoreFront by recording all web and Citrix steps in a single pass, and automatically generating all of the required scripts.

We released Eggplant Manager 6.3 and Eggplant Automation Cloud 6.3.

Both feature improved performance and scalability (up to 10x), and automatic database backups during upgrades. Updates to Eggplant Manager also include better support for command-line repositories, plus the ability to export filtered HTML and PDF versions of results. Download today.

A new look and better UX.

Our documentation site has a complete new look, and a powerful search engine to help you find what you need, faster. Give it a try!


STAREAST, National Software Testing Conference, Better Software West, Performance Matters

This week, we’re at STAREAST in Orlando, Florida. Stop by booth #302 to see Eggplant AI demos, register for a chance to win Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, and catch Michael Giacometti’s talk on Thursday about why we need to shift up in testing.

Check the calendar for details.


Automate Testing to Ensure Better Patient Outcomes

Earlier this month, we held an engaging healthcare webinar. Our CTO, Antony Edwards, introduced Eggplant solutions and how they're ideal for supporting healthcare systems with automated testing requirements. Dave Hester of UNC Health Care discussed his firsthand experience implementing test automation for Epic. And Randy Hesse, technical consultant, gave an engaging demonstration of Eggplant AI. Watch the recording.


The Need to Shift Up in QA. In 2018, shift left and shift right are table stakes. We need to shift up to better understand the person trying to interface with our app, how to create a persistent relationship with that person, and how all that impacts our strategic business outcomes.

The Customer is Always Right … and That Customer, and That Customer, Too. Your organization lives and dies by how it’s perceived by your customers, as well as how they use your products, applications, and services. The future of QA and how it can provide a real impact to your business depends on how well you can shift up.

The Early Bird and Second Mouse — a QA Story. Should you be the early bird (first to market) or the second mouse with a usable, quality experience? Do both.

Works on My Machine. Three of our engineers collaborated on this blog to share some best practices they’ve found for bug fixing between QA and Dev. 

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See you next month.

Team Eggplant

Candice Arnold