Eggplant Essentials — February 2018

It's been a very exciting month at Eggplant. In case you missed anything, here's what you need to know.


Smart IoT, DAI Lunch & Learns, eTail West, HIMSS

It’s event season and we'll be attending many more of them in Europe and the U.S. Come see Eggplant demos, catch an Eggplant lunch and learn, and talk with us about intelligent test automation in healthcare, retail, IoT, and more. Check the calendar.

Future of Testing 2018 Webinar

AI and machine learning are top of mind when it comes to automated testing. At least that’s what attendees tuned in to learn about during our Future of Testing webinar with Testplant CEO Dr. John Bates, and Daniel Howard, senior researcher from Bloor. Listen to the recording.


Our release of Eggplant AI 2.0 generated quite the buzz, in part because of enhanced bug-hunting capabilities that can help teams find defects faster and quickly resolve them. Just think of the implications for improving team productivity. Read ADT Mag article.

Some of our testers in the UK had a bit of fun on Valentine’s Day using Eggplant to analyze site performance on how top websites handled the last-minute-gift rush. See the results.


Planet, a leading IT solutions and service provider in Japan, is using Eggplant to automate and improve testing on its flagship retail POS application — increasing test volume and enhancing the user experience. Learn more.


Better Bug Hunting for Improved Team Productivity: Announcing Eggplant AI 2.0

The latest release of the brains behind our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, Eggplant AI 2.0, empowers teams to test effectively within the shrinking test windows associated with continuous delivery — and to consistently create amazing digital experiences.

A Modern Testing Perspective, Plus Cool New Features in iOS Gateway 5.0

This blog is only partially about our newest iOS Gateway 5.0 release with device and simulator support for Touch ID and Face ID. It’s also a blog about how testing has changed — a lot — in a short amount of time.

Selenium WebDriver: Finding an Element Using SenseTalk

Need to determine the best locator for an element when setting up tests with Selenium WebDriver? One of our full-stack software engineers offers some tips on how to use SenseTalk within Eggplant Functional to solve that challenge.

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That's all for now. See you next month.

Team Testplant

Candice Arnold