Eggplant Essentials — Mid July 2018

So much is happening at Eggplant these days that we're bringing our newsletter to you a bit more frequently. Here are our July highlights, so far.

Eggplant CTO Weighs in on Amazon Outage

A 63-minute outage on Prime day cost Amazon an estimated $99 million. “Release analytics would probably have prevented this problem,” says our CTO, Antony Edwards.

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Eggplant Featured in DZone Automated Testing Guide

 In the "2018 Guide to Automated Testing: Your End-to-End Ecosystem," we discuss intelligent automation and how to quickly and continuously create amazing digital experiences that drive positive business outcomes. 

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An All New Performance Trends Report

By analyzing the historical performance of visitors on your site, we’re able to create predictive expected ranges, so you can see if your real-world performance is normal or if something isn’t where it’s meant to be.

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Introducing Eggplant AI 2.1 and New Accelerators

We're excited to bring you the release of Eggplant AI 2.1 with more support for DevOps, capabilities to help you prioritize the right user journeys, and enhanced coverage models.

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Accelerator: Integrate Eggplant AI With JIRA and Slack

Now available on our website, this accelerator provides connectivity between Eggplant AI and JIRA, enabling each test run in Eggplant AI to be automatically added into JIRA. Though this framework, you can also configure a Slack Webhook to post details for every Eggplant AI run to your selected Slack channel.

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Accelerator: Auto-Generate an AI Model From Gherkin

Easily import your Gherkin suite into Eggplant AI with our new, auto-generating accelerator. It analyzes your Gherkin features and generates a corresponding Eggplant AI model, and will link the execution elements as snippets in the new AI model. 

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Eggplant Functional 18.1

A huge release that delivers significant advances in our vision, Eggplant Functional 18.1 can automatically identify key UI elements, save them as images, and then automatically generate the necessary snippets that allows an Eggplant AI model to interact with them. In a matter of minutes after sitting down with Autoscan and Autosnippet generation, you’ll have the critical components to develop a successful Eggplant AI model or modular workflows. See them in action, and get all the details in our blog.

Real User Monitoring 1.7 — Performance Trends

You'll notice something amazingly different the next time you open up Performance Trends. We significantly improved its capabilities with usability enhancements (such as color-coded anomaly bands) and four key business KPIs: Conversions, Revenue, Bounces, and Active Sessions. Just like the Speed element, you can see this information over time and with the powerful expected range calculations. But since the report now shows the performance of all KPIs instead of only Speed, we’ve renamed it to KPI Performance. You can find it in the same place in the report listing in the portal. Read more about Real User Monitoring here.

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