Eggplant Essentials — June 2018

June was full of excitement at Eggplant. In case you missed anything, here's what you need to know.

Latest Eggplant News

When it comes to web performance, everybody expects all inclusive

By Alex Painter, senior web performance consultant, Eggplant

There are several ways that travel operators can deliver a fast and reliable website without months of preparation.

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Beating Black Friday: Five tips to help you deliver a website that works this winter

By Alex Painter, senior web performance consultant, Eggplant

Summer is upon us, and most people aren’t thinking about Christmas yet. However, for retailers, the winter retail period, predominately Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, should be front of mind even when the sun is shining. The time for retailers to be preparing is now.

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Keeping pace with DevOps: How testing teams can deliver

The need for speed is nothing new in software testing. The application of agile and lean approaches to development have put testing teams under pressure to test functionality as quickly as it comes out, and with DevOps creating synergy between development and business operations, testing teams have had to meet the challenges of speed associated with continuous development.

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Great British Scaleup: Eggplant

Software testing providers need to rethink their strategy. Eggplant is doing precisely that, which is one of the reasons it was selected for the Great British Scaleup.

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Product News

Eggplant AI v2.1 is here with more support for DevOps, capabilities to help you prioritize the right user journeys, and enhanced coverage models. Read the release notes and download now.

New Auto-Generator Accelerator: Eggplant Functional to Eggplant AI — Easily import your Eggplant Functional suite into an Eggplant AI model.


Intro to Eggplant AI

See a demo of and learn how Eggplant AI can help you turn quality assurance into business assurance. 

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Digital Performance Management

Learn why a faster website is key to ensuring amazing digital experiences for your customers — with measurable results.

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Automation Intelligence for Defense and Security

Discover the six automation needs Eggplant is addressing to maximize mission success. 

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Upcoming Events

TiD Event (Beijing)

July 15 to 18, 2018

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Industrial Automation Exhibition (Taiwan)

August 1 to 4, 2018

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A Design Pattern for Automation Repeatability, by Randy Hesse

Some of my customers are trying to design an automated script to perform specific workflows with a predicted outcome. Unfortunately, the automated workflow they want to execute has many variations in their environment, and they’re having trouble creating a dynamic, automated script that handles environment deviation. So, how do you code it? Read now.

Partner News

Digital Automation of Teamcenter and NX

Eggplant and SQS have released this accelerator that highlights a few advantages of using Eggplant AI to drive end-to-end testing of CAD/PLM. Watch now.

Who's Your Favorite Superhero?

Andrew Fullen, solution director at Sogeti and fellow of SogetiLabs

Presenting at our recent Performance Matters event, Andrew discusses how superheroes working together as a team is akin to performance testing — and the importance of balancing strengths and weaknesses. Watch now

Did you know? In the last 6 months, Eggplant has trained more than 400 associates in our partner ecosystems.

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