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Eggplant Release Insights 1.0

Gauge release quality and its impact before you release. With Eggplant Release Insights you gain analytics and insight into user- and business-focused metrics that measure release quality and its impact on the user. Learn more here. Download below. Note: Eggplant AI license required (trials can use our hosted Eggplant AI trial; see downloads page). 

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Generate Eggplant AI models from UI markup languages with three new Accelerators 

Easily import your existing UI definitions from common formats into Eggplant AI with our three new Accelerators (available as Windows and MacOS executable files).

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Customer Experience Optimization is critical to business success

Key elements of something we call Customer Experience Optimization involve predicting the success of a release before it goes live and monitoring real user interactions to see their impact on business goals.

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The Seven Deadly Black Friday Sins … and How to Avoid Them 

Just seconds of downtime on Black Friday — and the resulting social media backlash, lost revenue, and damaged reputation — highlights the criticality of performance testing. Learn how to prepare your site to perform under pressure.

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SD Times: Eggplant approaches testing from the user perspective

“Our goal has always been around trying to help people make software that delights their users,” said Antony Edwards, CTO of Eggplant. Read article.

Eggplant Partners With Matrium Technologies for Expansion Into Australasian Region

Eggplant Names Matrium Technologies, Australia’s Leading Provider of Technology Solutions, as a Partner for Expanding Its Customer Experience Optimization Offering. Read more.

Events and Webinars

Webinar: Customer Experience Optimization for Online Bookings

August 23, 2018, 12pm ET

Explore how to measure the impact of digital user behavior against desired business results.

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Webinar: Testing Hospital Systems End to End With Eggplant

August 28, 2018, 11am EDT

Smooth-running hospital systems result in better patient care. But effectively testing all system software is challenging. Explore Eggplant test automation for EMR/EHR, ERP, PACS, patient portals, and more.

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In case you missed one of our engaging webinars, don't worry — you can watch them  anytime on our website. 

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How’s the Quality of Your Upcoming Release? Find Out With Eggplant Release Insights

By Peter Cherns, product manager, AI & analytics, Eggplant

Burndown charts, feature completeness, code quality, pass/fail testing. Dev and test managers have access to lots of data from many sources about an upcoming release. But none of it directly relates to business outcomes. Our latest product aims to change that. Read blog.

Customer Experience Optimization: Improve the UX and Business Outcomes of Digital Software

By Dr. John Bates, CEO, Eggplant

With apps and software eating the world, most companies are becoming digital businesses, where software-based workflows run their internal and external processes, and their customer experiences — and define their success or failure. But what if a business could predict the success of a new software release before it goes live? Read blog

Three Key Lessons From Amazon’s Prime Day Performance Problems

By Alex Painter, technical/performance consultant, Eggplant

Just one hour of downtime on Prime Day cost Amazon an estimated $100 million in lost sales. Traffic-related slowdowns and outages are a nightmare scenario for any big retailer but seeing a giant like Amazon fail offers a sobering lesson for online retailers everywhere. Here are three key lessons we can learn from Amazon’s performance problems. Read blog

Achieve Better Business Outcomes With Customer Experience Insights

By Alex Painter, technical/performance consultant, Eggplant

By improving load times to just under a second, COOK saw a seven-percent increase in conversion rates. At Eggplant, we deliver insights that result in better customer experiences and drive better business results — something we call Customer Experience Optimization (CXO). Read blog.

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