Eggplant Essentials — End of July 2018

Forrester Recognizes Eggplant as a Leader 

"The Forrester Wave™: Omnichannel Functional Test Automation Tools, Q3 2018," has named Eggplant a leader — scoring us five out of five in 13 different criteria, including product roadmap. Download your complimentary copy of the report here.  

Slow Websites are Silent Killers for Businesses 

A recent survey of 3,200 consumers found that 80% were more frustrated by a consistently slow-running website versus one that's down. And a business with a slow or underperforming website is likely to lose 73% of its customers to a competitor. Read more in Net ImperativeEconsultancy, and Retail Tech News. Plus, view and download the infographic

Auto Trader Uses Eggplant to Deliver Unrivaled, Web-Based UX

Auto Trader relies on Eggplant to simulate a wide variety of user journeys, monitor performance against critical business objectives, and optimize the customer experience. Read case study

Cerner Delivers Intelligent Solutions for Healthcare 

More than 27,000 healthcare providers in 35 countries worldwide use Cerner solutions. And Cerner relies on Eggplant test automation software to release faster, improve quality, and truly test the end-to-end user experience. Watch video

Why you should apply change management in DevOps failures, by Antony Edwards, CTO, Eggplant 

Don't be the DevOps team that does the same thing over and over again and expects different results. Organizations can't be afraid of continuous change if they want DevOps success. Read article

Drive Intelligent Automation Using Real Customer Journeys

E-commerce success relies on testing driven by online customer behavior. Watch Eggplant in action as it uses Real User Monitoring (RUM) data to auto generate tests via Eggplant AI. View video

Android Gateway 5.1 is Here 

Great news — the latest release of Android Gateway, when used with Eggplant Functional 18.1+, now provides basic support in using Selenium/Appium on Android devices. We recommend this release for all customers. Read the release notes and download now.


Webinar: Customer Experience Optimization

August 2, 2018, 10am EDT I 3pm BST 

Lives saved. Basket conversions. Policies bought. Companies in different markets define success in different ways, but they're all aiming to drive positive business outcomes via software that delights customers. Explore the concept of Customer Experience Optimization and how to measure the impact of user behavior against desired business results for digital software processes. Register now

Webinar: Software QA Challenges Faced in Aerospace and Defense 

August 7, 2018, 10am EDT I 3pm BST 

For organizations like NASA, Northrop Grumman, and MBDA, testing has evolved from just making sure the system works to testing for mission success and continuously optimizing mission outcomes. Join us on August 7th as we explore the challenges inherent in testing in the defense and security space, and how you can ensure successful mission outcomes. Register now

Webinar: The Seven Deadly Black Friday Sins and How to Avoid Them 

August 8, 2018, 10am EDT I 3pm BST 

The holiday shopping season may seem far away, but smart retailers are busy preparing for it now — testing and monitoring their websites to make sure they can handle the load. Discover the top seven sins as you prepare for peak and learn what you need to do not just to survive but thrive when it matters most. Register now


Surviving Black Friday: Why Avoiding Outages Is No Longer Enough

By Alex Painter 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been pushing retail sites to the limits of their ability to cope with surges in visitor numbers. In doing performance testing to make sure your website performs, it's crucial to be clear about what the objectives are. Ops teams are concerned with website availability; if the site is down, shoppers can't buy anything. But what if it's slow? Read blog

Six Ways Intelligent Automation Helps You Optimize Mission Success

By Dr. John Bates 

As we've worked with organizations in defense and security over many years, we've noticed how much more testing is than just making sure the system works — it’s about ensuring we test for mission success and continuously optimize mission outcomes. Based on feedback from our customers in this space, we've identified six critical automated testing needs that they're addressing with Eggplant solutions. Read blog.

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