Part of the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, Eggplant Functional is the only test automation solution that dynamically tests the single source of truth for the user experience: the UI. Instead of hooking into the code, the software tests from the user perspective through intelligent image and text understanding, API automation, and WebDriver object automation — all within a single test.



Test from the user perspective, which is the only way to ensure an exceptional UX.

  • Optimize your UX via test-results reporting that provides data from the user's point of view.
  • Test the same application that users are using, without modifying the application under test or jail-breaking the underlying OS.
  • Achieve greater coverage of the user journey and test what the user actually sees.


Boost time to market and increase efficiency.

  • Expand automation beyond just test execution using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics.
  • Take a user-centric approach to testing that’s intuitive, cross-platform, and that covers the entire user journey.
  • Test with robust solutions, without constantly updating your framework.


Test any device, operating system, and technology — from mobile to API to mainframe — all with a single test script.

  • Immediately test any new technology, including highly graphic and dynamic apps, for effective mobile testing, end-to-end testing, embedded systems testing, etc.
  • Integrate with any software test environment and popular tools including Jenkins, JIRA, Microsoft TFS, and HP ALM.
  • Install Eggplant Functional on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.
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Anyone, including product experts and business analysts, can be productive software testers, thanks to a user-centric testing approach and straightforward script development.

  • Incorporate scriptless test creation and record and playback features that offer a different automation approach, yet still enable you to preserve your manual workflow.
  • Create automated tests quickly via record and playback functions, a flexible, keyword-driven framework, an intuitive language like SenseTalk, or Java, C#, and Ruby via the Eggdrive interface.
  • Get your test scripts up and running quickly in your development or DevOps environment using our industry accelerators and solutions.
  • Shorten solution implementation and adoption by pairing with our experts for collaborative training and to learn best practices through Eggplant FastStart services.
The device-agnostic nature of Eggplant allows our team to use one automation script to test the functionality of multiple devices at once, irrespective of manufacturer, operating system, or software version.
— Jay Sethi, Head of QA, Financial Times

Eggplant Functional

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Do UX testing from the true user perspective

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Create reliable, functional tests quickly

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Use a single test script for multiple-device scenarios


Test any technology on any platform

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Integrate with popular ALM tools

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.