Part of the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, Eggplant Manager orchestrates your test execution process. Use it to set up continuous integration, and test quickly and reliably.



Boost productivity by easily managing your test environment and automating your test execution.

  • Define test runs across multiple suites, platforms, and devices.
  • Manage and coordinate multiple Eggplant Functional controllers for optimal, parallel test execution.
  • Understand your test status clearly via a configurable dashboard and test reporting.
  • Orchestrate concurrent or complex serial executions.


Control and automate your end-to-end test execution to fuel DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery.

  • Set up the network and reserve devices via integration with Eggplant Network and Eggplant Automation Cloud.
  • Automatically detect LAN and USB connected SUTs, and reserve SUTs via Eggplant Automation Cloud when you schedule test runs.
  • Schedule tests for continuous integration, nightly builds, and optimal use of your environment.
  • Include one or more scripts in your tests, and even run shell scripts or batch files.


Improve software quality by quickly identifying trouble areas.

  • Understand test status and results quickly via an intuitive, configurable dashboard.
  • Collect and analyze test results at a summary level or drill down to specifics.
  • Compare results quickly from different test runs by simply narrowing the subset of results.
  • Detect changes in the performance of your application under test with a chart feature that tracks average test execution times.

Eggplant Manager

running in minutes.png

Get up and running in minutes

reduce errors.png

Reduce errors via centralized management

parralel testing.png

Improve efficiency by executing tests in parallel

continous integration.png

Enable continuous integration and delivery

improve quality.png

Improve quality by homing in on trouble areas

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.