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It’s All About the User

End-to-end software testing answers a lot of critical questions about what you’re releasing into the wild. Does the flow of the application perform as it was designed? Does the application communicate correctly with the database, network, hardware, and other applications, from the front end to the back end? Do the integrated components function like they’re supposed to? And, the money question: Does the app perform reliably to create the UX that our customers want?

For the most part, testers like end-to-end testing because it tests from the user perspective and identifies defects to spark continuous improvement. But some QA teams aren’t always so keen on end-to-end testing because it’s time- and resource-intensive — and time is short when trying to keep up with the rapid pace of DevOps. In some cases, organizations simply don’t have enough experienced, available resources to create and maintain quality, automated tests — and don’t have the time or money to invest in a full-scale training program.

With end-to-end testing, organizations often look at complex applications in complex environments — including mobile, cloud, IoT, or customer components — and default to manual testing because they think automation is impossible.

Good news: It’s not.


Test Everything UX

Our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite is specifically designed to test the untestable and to interact with the application just like a user would. By simplifying end-to-end software testing, Eggplant solutions help you test better, faster, and more efficiently to delight customers.

  • Integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning. Use Eggplant AI to auto-generate test cases, optimize test execution to find bugs, and get broad coverage of the UX by testing the full range of potential user journeys.

  • Incorporate scriptless testing. Play to the strengths of your teams with scriptless test creation and record and playback features that offer a different automation approach, while preserving your manual workflow.

  • Validate the full UX. Use Eggplant Functional and Eggplant Performance to quickly and easily create test scripts that validate functional, performance, and usability testing. Any app on any platform, as well as the interaction of devices and software.

  • Keep pace with DevOps. Use highly productive, robust, low-maintenance scripting that’s proven to be four- to seven-times faster than other automation tools.

  • Future-proof your testing. Test any technology, faster, using technology-independent UI automation testing — no matter what tools your developers and testers are using now or in the future.

  • Test from the user perspective. Run one script across all platforms, and test the full user experience within your enterprise apps using intelligent image and text recognition and search.

Eggplant provides the best overall mix of capabilities from an end-to-end test perspective.
— Andrew Hodgson, Head of BT Consumer E2E Test

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.