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Webinar: Partner Update 2018

A lot has changed in testing in a short amount of time. DevOps and continuous delivery are accelerating development and shrinking test windows. Yet teams are still using testing approaches from 15+ years ago that don’t meet business or user expectations.

At Eggplant, we’re helping customers modernise their testing with a new approach called Digital Automation Intelligence that’s powered by AI, machine learning, and analytics. It’s an approach where QA becomes a critical function that reports to the business and drives its success. Where testing is transformed from a compliance function to a profit centre. And where teams continually create amazing digital experiences that delight users and drive revenue.

Our vision is resonating with our partners — and their customers — worldwide.

Join us for Partner Update 2018 to learn about our vision, our mission, and how to use Digital Automation Intelligence to positively affect your top and bottom lines.