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Webinar: Beyond Functional Testing – three new releases that will transform your testing

While it’s critical to know the extent to which an application meets functional requirements, there is more to software testing than answering the question ‘does it work?'.

You also need to know if it scales (performance testing) and if the user experience will be acceptable (usability testing). Ultimately, you need to establish that it will deliver the required business value.

Until now, these extra steps have added layers of complexity in terms of timing, cost and expertise. As a result, they can introduce delays or get overlooked completely.

In this webinar, we will show you how to:

  • Automate performance testing and usability testing

  • Seamlessly integrate them with functional testing, including using your functional test models to drive performance tests.

The result: faster release cycles, less duplicated effort, and better software.

We will also show you how to test enterprise-scale software systems more easily, with submodels allowing you to break down a large, complex system model in a way that makes it far easier to manage.