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Webinar: Intelligent Test Automation SAVES LIVES

Does your software work?

For some, software affects business outcomes like conversions and revenue.

For others, software can ensure a patient is properly monitored in the hospital or an astronaut safely returns to Earth from a mission.

Traditionally testing and monitoring have been used to check if software "works" without looking at the implications. And that's a problem.

It means that software is released on the strength of being ‘good enough’ from a technical viewpoint, without necessarily doing what it needs to do for the organization.

The solution?

Link intelligent test automation in dev with monitoring of real user behavior in live – and associate both with business KPIs. This includes using AI-assisted testing to diagnose functionality, performance and usability issues, and predicting the success of an app on release.

For a retailer this could mean boosting revenue and saving costs. For a healthcare provider it could mean saving lives.

In this webinar we’ll show you how organizations such as Cerner, Citibank, and Walmart have used this approach to improve performance by 23%, increase app store rating from 3 to 4.5 stars, and cut the cost of testing by 47%.

Earlier Event: March 25
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