Instant insight into how your monitors are performing

Our Interactive Monitoring Dashboard is designed for large screens in network operations centers. As an add-on to our synthetic Monitoring Insights service, it gives you a clear overview of the health of your web estate from an external perspective.


The colors indicate the status of your tests — the line graphs show load time.


You can customize the dashboard at any time: change the way the results are displayed or even alter the color scheme.

The dashboard works just as well on a desktop or laptop, where you have the added advantage of being able to drill down into specific test results. One click opens up the relevant monitoring account and gives you more detail on the results. With a second click, you can download the data as a CSV or open up a waterfall graph of a specific test.

From a high-level overview, you’re never more than a few seconds away from object-level detail. The aim is to make the journey from identifying an issue to pinpointing the source as short as it can possibly be.


Use the dashboard to identify issues as they happen.


Click on an error to open up the relevant set of results in your monitoring account.


Drill down into object-level data and identify the source of the problem.

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