How Many Users Can You Really Handle?

When it comes to digital experiences, users like speed and don’t have much patience for delays or site crashes. According to Kissmetrics, even a one-second delay in page response can translate to a seven-percent reduction in conversions. That could result in a serious hit to your bottom line and reputation, while sending customers to your competitors.

Fortunately, load testing can help you figure out whether or not your website or app can handle the load that your active users put on it. Unfortunately, many QA teams use traditional tools that can’t effectively address all the possible load testing scenarios.


Ensure an Excellent Web or App Experience

Our Digital Automation Intelligence Suite is ideal to perform load testing that ensures users have an excellent experience with your app or website. Use Eggplant Performance to create a wide variety of virtual users to simulate real user activity. To test a website application, Eggplant Performance can simulate the HTTP requests that a real user would send while navigating your website. Or, virtual users can simulate the actions of a real user by automatically driving an actual browser instance for popular web technologies like HTTPS, Sharepoint, AJAX, and web services.

To conduct multi-user functional tests, Eggplant Performance can:

  • Drive any UI, including mobile apps and proprietary devices.

  • Send and receive low-level network packets and call methods in a client-side API.

  • Drive the interface directly using Citrix or Eggplant Functional test scripts.

Use Eggplant Performance to record network or web traffic as a user performs tasks in your desktop application or website, and set up a test with multiple virtual user groups — each running different scripts and workflows.

Groups of virtual users can implement different testing approaches, such as simulating HTTP requests or directly driving a user interface, so you can exercise several aspects of the system in the same test. If you’re testing a website, you can see a detailed trace of the web requests that a specific virtual user sent and received. Virtual users that drive real user interfaces can give you accurate timings for true, end-to-end testing, so you can fully understand how your system will respond with large numbers of active users.

Ultimately, the testing load we generated using Eggplant Performance was more than the peak transactions compared to some of the world’s busiest stock exchanges.
— SDET manager

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.