Cardiac pacemakers, deep brain stimulators, surgical lasers, MRI scanners, ultrasound, portable diabetes monitors. Medical devices are a critical link in healthcare, providing doctors and patients with key data to guide diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, and treatment. Virtually all these devices run on software, and with patients’ lives potentially at stake, you have to get testing right and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Only Eggplant solutions test the true user experience end-to-end, without touching the code, so you can: 

  • Test effectively across technologies (browsers, devices, systems) and operating systems (Linux OS apps)

  • Document screen shots to provide evidence-based validations specific to FDA regulations 

  • Get analysts, R&D teams, and product teams up and running quickly to build and maintain automated capabilities 

Adopting easy-to-use Eggplant test automation organization-wide empowers your manual testing teams and helps you accelerate time to market, ensure repeatable processes for better quality, and boost efficiency and productivity. 


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Test everything 

Test platforms like SAP to track supply chain and enable medical devices; test microtransactions around reconciliation and rating associated with the internet of medical things (IoMT); test the UI embedded in a device or access it via tablets, smartphones, and laptops. 


Non-invasive testing

Modernizing and refactoring 30+-year-old code bases into APIs and microservices is a tall order. So is finding a solution that can test everything non-invasively.  Using RDP or VNC to connect to SUT allows for eggplant to be non-invasive and does not affect the integrity of the SUT.


Automation barriers 

Libraries and frameworks for medical devices are complex and specialized, and tough for your non-technical teams (analysts, R&D experts, product developers, manual testers) to learn and automate.

resource constraints.png

Regulatory compliance 

QA teams use lots of different tools for auditing, compliance, and validations — how do they fit into your overall test automation strategy and execution? 


Eggplant can integrate with Jenkins, Jira, RQM, ALM, or any other popular solution used in SDLC