oT and testing: The new rules of engagement

Blog – by TestPlant CTO Antony Edwards.

The internet of things market continues to expand rapidly with the installed base of IoT devices now forecasted to grow to a staggering 31 billion by 2020. Traditional testing approaches are simply not going to be able to test this new massively interconnected world of different devices, created by different companies, using different technologies, all communicating to deliver digital user experiences. A fundamentally new approach to testing is needed.

Today, most software teams only test what they build, i.e., they only test the software components that their developers have written. All other software components are “out of scope” of testing, even software components that are critical to the product and the user experience (such as the network the product uses to communicate). In the IoT world, this approach simply isn’t good enough. All products in the IoT world involve multiple products from different vendors interacting to deliver a digital user experience and a specific value proposition, and vendors need to start taking responsibility for — and testing! — the whole value proposition, not only the small piece of the pie that they developed. This requires the established rules of software testing to be ripped up and replaced in a hyperconnected world.

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Jay Branscomb