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Boulder, CO & London, UK — November 9th, 2017 — Testplant today announced that API testing is now part of its Digital Automation Intelligence Suite. With this new functionality, teams can fully automate and test services at the API level for the first time. Uniquely, API testing can be combined with user experience testing and performance testing — so the entire end-to-end digital experience can be tested in a coordinated way, through a single test platform.

APIs are an essential pillar of digital transformation strategies and as the API economy continues to gather steam, the resulting global API testing market is predicted to grow 20 percent annually from $384 million in 2016 to $1.1 billion by 2022

  • First to Combine API, UX, and Performance Testing
  • Enables 360-Degree Assurance of the Digital Experience

With microservice architectures becoming commonplace, API testing is increasingly important as organizations strive to monitor the user experience at the service level as well as through the application. The addition of API testing will further strengthen the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite to fully automate and test the digital experience, improving both the performance of software and applications, and saving valuable development time.

The new API test capabilities are included in the latest release of Testplant’s Eggplant Functional product. A key component in the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, Eggplant Functional automates applications as a user would use them. Alongside API automation, other improvements include enhancements to the intelligent OCR engine that make it easier to find and analyze text that is difficult to read.

Quotes and Commentary

“We live in a hyper-connected, complex digital world where APIs are the glue that enable disparate platforms, apps, and software to connect and share data. For organizations looking to unlock the power of APIs to accelerate digital transformation, automated testing of the entire digital experience is now a prerequisite for success. As applications become more complex, incorporating multiple service layers, teams need to be able to automate API testing in conjunction with testing the front-end user experience. Testplant is the only test automation provider to have made this possible.” —Antony Edwards, CTO, Testplant

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