Testplant Creates World’s First Fusion Test Automation Engine

With Eggplant Functional V18.0, testers can use intelligent image and text understanding, API automation, and WebDriver object automation within a single test.

Boulder, CO & London, UK — 3 January 2018 — Testplant today announced that Eggplant Functional V18.0, part of its Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, includes the first test automation engine that allows users to use intelligent image and text understanding, API automation, and WebDriver object automation—all within a single test.

For years, testers have debated the merits of the different approaches to interacting with the user experience of an application. With Eggplant Functional, Testplant’s user-centric, intelligent automation software for any device, teams can test from the user perspective and gain valuable insight into the entire user experience providing visibility that helps testers understand and test the whole user journey.  

Using WebDriver, the API used by the open-source test automation engines Selenium and Appium, test teams now have the ability to use and utilize existing user preferences or requirements, and can reuse their existing test assets. Users can also incorporate Selenium WebDriver methods into Eggplant Functional scripts, using images and web objects interchangeably.

Alongside the fusion test automation engine addition, Eggplant Functional V18.0 has a number of usability and user experience improvements, including the ability for administrators to check out Eggplant Functional licenses for users to work remotely, and an improved visual experience.

Quotes and Commentary

“With applications becoming increasingly complex, it is paramount for testing teams to be able to gain insight into the user experience and the entire user journey. For the first time, testing teams can use a fusion test automation engine that encompasses pre-existing preferences and requirements to give teams the opportunity to reuse existing test assets.”

Antony Edwards, CTO, Testplant

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