Testplant Solves the ‘Application Crisis’ with AI-Powered Digital Automation Intelligence Testing Suite

Boulder, CO & London, UK - September 13th, 2017 - Testplant today announced the launch of its Digital Automation Intelligence Suite to address significant development challenges it has identified as enterprises race to keep up with the pace of digital transformation.

A new study conducted by Kickstand on behalf of Testplant across the US and UK identified that app dev teams are under huge pressure to deliver high-quality user experiences and innovation quickly. Of the 600 respondents interviewed involved in app dev, 91% claimed increased user expectations, and 66% cited test automation needs beyond execution as a critical challenge.

• 91% of developers state that user expectations for app innovation and quality have increased

• 66% identified automation as a critical challenge

• Testplant CEO Dr John Bates urges enterprises to rethink test automation to avoid the “app scrapheap”

The Digital Automation Intelligence Suite accurately verifies, predicts and monitors the user experience and customer success of an application before and after each release, shifting testing from a compliance activity to a revenue generating profit center focused on customer satisfaction, conversion, adoption, and retention. Digital Automation Intelligence uses AI, machine learning and analytics to automate the testing and analysis of an application, not at the code level but rather as users would see and interact with it.

Testplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence Suite builds on the award-winning Eggplant Functional and Eggplant Performance testing capabilities with the addition of Eggplant AI. Eggplant AI uses AI, machine learning, and analytics to intelligently navigate applications, hunting defects and increasing user journey coverage. It predicts where quality issues are most likely to occur and correlates data to help product teams identify and resolve issues quickly. This works with other parts of the suite, including Eggplant Manager to orchestrate test execution, Eggplant Automation Cloud to manage hosted test devices, and Eggplant Integration to integrate with the rest of your CI/DevOps infrastructure.

Digital Automation Intelligence is enabling organizations to transform test automation, increasing productivity, speed and coverage to keep up with the pace of DevOps, and improve time to market and customer satisfaction.

Quotes and Commentary

“To win in the Digital World and avoid the ‘app scrapheap’, enterprises must go beyond the current approaches to test automation. Testing must transition to become a profit center—testing not just code quality and app performance but delivering predictive business metrics like satisfaction and retention. Only companies that adopt intelligent, end-to-end test automation approaches for software and apps will be able to keep pace with customer demands and the DevOps teams that support them. Testplant developed the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite to deliver measurably better business outcomes for app builders and software developers across mobile, IoT, enterprise, and mainframe. Improving user experience and productivity are the keys to success in a digital world.”
John Bates, CEO, Testplant

“Test Automation is now a critical business requirement in the world of Digital and Mobile Apps. Rapid time-to-market and delighting customers are imperatives to business success. Expanding automation to assist with not just test automation but also test case creation and test results analysis is a vision I share. And this must be done ensuring an optimal digital experience on any device or network”.
Roy Corneloues, Principal Architect: Digital Apps, IT Centres of Excellence, BT

“We are excited about the possibilities that Testplant’s Digital Automation Intelligence Suite brings to testing and the promise of full automation and predictive analytics to ensure our customers have great digital experiences.”
John Spitta, Quality Engineering, FIS Global


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