Part of the Digital Automation Intelligence Suite, Eggplant Release Insights works with Eggplant AI, and pulls data from the rest of your CI/CD pipeline, to provide analytics and insight into user- and business-focused metrics that gauge release quality and its impact on the user or consumer.



Gauge the actual quality of a product or website.

  • Correlate key predictors with business outcomes (release will increase customer satisfaction) versus arbitrary metrics (97% of tests pass).

  • Measure releases against an objective standard.

  • Use automation to take the guesswork out of the release process.



See specific insights about key elements that impact release quality.

  • Use the Bug Content Predictor to anticipate the expected, relative number of undiscovered defects based on development and test assets.

  • Use the Development Predictor to assess the quality of the whole development process and identify key risks that impact quality.

  • Use Test Coverage Predictor to assess coverage levels on the current product, using coverage data from regression and exploratory tests.

  • Use the Performance Predictor to analyze the performance of the current release, identifying any bottlenecks.



View an upfront, overall summary of current release status in various categories.

  • Instantly see an overall release rating between zero and five eggplants from an aggregated summary of individual predictors.

  • Drill down into more detail of each predictor category to further explore quality analysis.

  • Integrate with your preferred BI systems for custom reporting.

optimize-test-execution (1).png

Gauge the likelihood of success for your upcoming release.

Map meaningful data about release quality to business KPIs.


Anticipate user satisfaction with your upcoming product release.


Any platform. Any browser. Any software.