Get the right information to the right people at the right time

A lot of people in your organization need to know about your website's performance. But they don't all need the same level of detail or the same presentation. We can create tailor-made reports and dashboards for different audiences. This might mean distilling a range of metrics into a single performance score for board-level reports. Or creating custom dashboards for operations or marketing.

Either way, we’ll help deliver better quality, targeted performance reporting to help your business make better decisions.

Scoring your website’s performance


What does a high-performing website mean to you? What matters most to your customers?

There are lots of ways to look at performance, lots of metrics to consider. But not everyone needs the detail. Not everyone is interested in time to onload, render start time, or Speed Index. Not everyone needs to be. The CEO, for example, might just want to know if your website is:

  • Fast enough
  • Faster or slower than your main rivals’
  • Getting faster or slower over time

This is the idea behind performance scoring and performance dashboards.

We work with you to identify the performance metrics that matter most to your organization and track them over time for you and your competitors. We’ll help you work out where to set KPIs and what your long-term targets should be.

We’ll then identify the best way to present the information to key stakeholders within your organization. At the top level, we’ll give you your own web performance index (WPI) — a carefully calculated measure that's weighted to take into account those aspects of performance that are most meaningful to you. A single number that sums up the performance of your web estate and its place in relation to the competition.

At the other extreme, operations and e-commerce departments will want the detail. Operations will want to know if the latest release has affected page weight or stability. Marketing and e-commerce will want to know if an improvement in page load time has come at the expense of a poorer Speed Index score.

Delivering the information in the right format

Whatever information you need, we'll help you package it in the right way for the audience. This could be a section in a quarterly management report or a live big-screen dashboard in your ops room. We work with a variety of data visualization tools, such as Graphite and Kibana, and can integrate web performance elements into existing reports and dashboards. We’ll help you find exactly the right level of detail and present it in an accessible, meaningful way so that key decision makers have enough to inform them without getting lost in a sea of numbers.

Ultimately, we will help get the right information to the right people so they can make the right choices.

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