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Make Sure Your UX is Good for Your Business

A complex retail site that’s tough to navigate and confusing to make a purchase. A poorly designed mobile app that doesn’t use responsive design. A boring banking site that isn’t interactive. All of these are examples of a bad user experience (UX) — how someone reacts to your website or digital product.

A great UX is crucial to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, conversion, and revenue. Recent data shows that boosting your site speed from 8 seconds to 2 seconds can increase conversion rate by 74 percent. That’s a good argument for why testing the full UX of apps and websites is crucial — regardless of what industry you’re in. Most software products are distributed systems. Some components run in the cloud, some run on a desktop, some run within a web browser, and some run on a mobile device. It’s much harder to test products that are this distributed and diverse. When traditional test tools can only test one component (for example, the web browser) in isolation, software testing takes longer and users tend to find a lot of post-release defects.


Test the True UX

The Eggplant Digital Automation Intelligence Suite is the only set of solutions that combines protocol-level load injection with application-level UX validation across all platforms to test the true UX.  

Use Eggplant Functional to consistently and intuitively test any computer — from mobile to cloud to mainframe. The solution can connect to all components of your product and drive them in synchronization via advanced image recognition that results in true, end-to-end product testing.

Use Eggplant Performance to really understand how a distributed software product will behave in the real world by simulating thousands of concurrent users connecting with your server. Combine this with Eggplant Network to reveal how different network conditions can affect response times.

When you can execute real UX testing and deliver the experience your customers want, you’ve got a good shot at becoming the next digital success story — and reaping the rewards that follow.

We were very impressed with Eggplant’s image-based approach to testing, which is well-suited to our user-focused approach.
— Allan Crisp, General manager, systems support

Any platform. Any browser. Any software.